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We'd love to welcome you to our website; GouletFilms.com! We are just a couple of brothers who enjoy numerous types of motorsports, and we started this website as a place for people to check out our videos. But now, the site has expanded into more than videos, but also photos, projects, and tech articles. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some videos... We promise they'll be worth your time! And don't forget to check out the rest of the content as well. We're constantly working on new stuff for the site, so make sure you revisit us in the near future. Enjoy the website and don't forget to tell your friends about us!





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February 2014 - Two New Projects Added

The first project that was added is our completed 650SX Build, which is a jetski project with a fresh engine, trim system, footholds, and a unique paint job. The second project is still in progress, a Single Seater Buggy and Using a FWD car powertrain to build a small mid-engine single seater tube buggy. Hope you enjoy the write-ups and pictures!


November 2013 - New JetSki Video

Great news everyone... We've uploaded a brand new video!... It's not a typical truck related video though, this time we've ventured into the realm of stand-up jetskiing. We called it Capsized 2013, enjoy!


November 2013 - F150 Project Complete

The F150 project is done and has already hit some of the local trails! Of course, these types of projects are never fully done, but testing was very successful. The truck is very impressive and reaches a new level of performance for us. More pictures of the build here.


February 2013 - Rear Suspension

Some progress was made on the rear suspension of the F150 project. As usual, all the detailed pictures and descriptions can be seen here.


January 2013 - More Project Progress

The F150 project is finally sitting on its own weight up front! Read all about it here.


November 2012 - Project Progress

Yes, as you can see in below, air bump stops were purchased! This has resulted in some good progress on Joel's F-150 project... Check it out; 2002 Ford F-150


September 2012 - New Toys

A few new toys have been purchased... a Kawasaki 650SX and two Arctic Cat DVX's. Luckily, the two quads fit nicely in the back of our truck! More than likely, these will not stay stock for too long.


August 2012 - Added Project

Joel's 2002 Ford F-150 build was added to the projects section. This build is stepping it up a notch for Goulet Films with custom beadloacks, King coilovers, and a fully fabricated front suspension!


July 2012 - More FSAE Videos

The footage used to create our TWR-04 video was also used by Marco Deufemia in his From Scratch video. Check it out, Marco did a great job! Also, we stopped by the TW Racing shop on our way through Thunder Bay a few months ago, and we couldn't help himself... The team had to take the car out for one last joy ride, and luckily it was caught on tape: Goodbye TWR-04!


July 2012 - Updated Site And Formula SAE Video

For the last few years, our newest video was Muddin' 2009. But now, I'm proud to present a new video: TWR-04! Check it out on the Videography page. The video is all footage from throughout the build of a formula-style racecar, to compete at Formula SAE Michigan 2012. The entire video was caught with our GoPro. Also, some of you may have noticed that the site is entirely updated with a new look and some new sections.

June 2012 - Shop Upgrades

Joel has made some serious upgrades to his shop this month; a hoist and a tube bender. This will significantly open up new project possibilites.


May 2012 - TW Racing Results

Serge's final year in university heavily revolved around the world of TW Racing! He was a Co-Engineering Manager for the creation of TWR-04 (the 4th car to be built by a team of 20 engineering students at Lakehead University). The final results are in, after an entire year of funding, designing, building, testing, and competing. The PDF file pretty much speaks for itself: Download PDF (LUFSAE Newsletter #5). Keep an eye out for an upcoming video!

January 2012 - New Off-Road Project

Joel purchased a 2002 Ford F-150 extended cab 4x4, 4.6L V8, automatic. This truck will be turned into an off-road specific truck, and that's all that's to be said so far.


August 2011 - ZF6 Swap Complete

Serge had automatic transmission problems in his '01 Powerstroke, which resulted in taking on the challenge of swapping it out for a manual ZF6. The swap was a success, and you can read all about it in the Projects section.


July 2011 - Finished '78 Bronco Project

Our father, Gates, has finished his BIG project, nicknamed Muck-Nut! He's been working away on this project for some time now, collecting and building custom parts. He wanted to make sure this truck was bigger than anything else we've built so far. It's a '78 Bronco on 44" Boggers, fully locked 1-ton diffs with 5.38 gears, and a healthy 460 big block. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


June 2011 - GoPro HD Hero

We purchased a GoPro HD Hero video camera, and we're excited to get some unique angles and onboard footage for future videos. Stay tuned!

May 2011 - New Toy

Joel picked up another toy to play with... A brand new 2011 Arctic Cat Mud Pro 700! As expected, some decals were put on as soon as we got home with the new toy.


September 2010 - Calm Summer

Just added some pictures to the photography section. Overall, we had a fairly calm summer in terms of video footage, but we did manage to build a lot of stuff in the shop. As a result, I'm thinking of starting a new section to display what's been going on in the shop.

March 2010 - Muddin' 2009

Hey everyone, sorry for the huge delay. We've been incredibly busy. But the Muddin' 2009 video is finally online!!! And, as you probably have already noticed, the entire website got a facelift, with a few added sections. Browse the site a bit and let us know what you think of it. And don't forget to watch the Muddin' 2009 video, we've been told it's the best one yet!


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