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This 1988 Kawasaki 650SX stand-up jetski was purchased in August of 2012 and lost the crank bearing on it's third time out.

A blown engine meant it was time for a full build, starting with the full teardown.

Cleaning up the hull and doing the initial cuts to put in footholds.

The footholds were first riveted into place, then filled with expanding foam, and finally fiberglassed into place.

With plans for a trim system, we had to make clearance for it. Also, a tube was added inside the hull for the trim cable.

A trim/nozzle system from a Kawasaki X2 was used and modified to turn 11 degrees more than stock. The stock aluminum impeller was replaced with a stainless Skat impeller.

The engine bay was cleaned up and repainted dark gray, and then a new engine with higher compression and a welded crank was installed. Also, a Rule bildge pump was installed.

The exhaust cooling system was revamped. A newly taped hole in the headpipe as well as a downsized hole on the inside. The rear outlet was blocked off and a new inlet was welded at the end of the pipe. All this with different routing basically increased the pipe temperature to better performance.

The Mariner ride plate was modified for trim clearance and powder coated green.

A unique selection of bright colors were mixed for this project. The hood, handpole, and nose cone were all primed and painted.

The top half of the hull was primed and painted blue.

The front control pad was reupholstered with green vinyl. The hood pads, and handpole chin pad were also reupholstered. New straight handlebars were fitted with new pink ODI lock-on grips, and then everything was assembled.

The fresh parts were bolted onto the hull and new fuel lines were put in.

A retro design was layed out on the jetski with masking tape and the painting continued.

Blue and green Hydroturf was chosen to match the rest of the paint scheme. The sides and footholds were done in green, and the floor and bumper were done in blue, with an undermat on the bottom.

A few stickers and finishing touches, and now it's ready for the water!

Couldn't be happier with the build, works great!



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