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This project was born thanks to a gift from an Uncle... A 1989 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport. The powertrain turned sideways would be perfect in a rear-engine single seater buggy. And the set of Toyota truck axles in the backyard would work great as well.

Therefore, the design begun and the material was ordered.

The front axle was stripped and cleaned up.

The rear axle had to be modified to work with the drivetrain layout. Basically, boths tube ends were cut off and rewelded at opposite ends of the axle to create an offset.

With a plan for the drivetrain and a design for the chassis, the tube work may begin!

With the engine in it's place, the mounts were built.

The seat mounts and radiator mounts were built.

Sometimes plans change, and this was the case for the cockpit section of the tube chassis, mostly to make it easier for the driver to get in and out. Then more tubes were layed out on the front end.

The upper rear section was braced, as well as the rear side sections with some nice triangulation.

Here you can see the cockpit and lowered "door" section for ease of getting in and out.

An overall view of the buggy thus far.



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