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Our father wanted to build himself a big truck, and it all began when we found a set of 1-ton axles in a '78 F250 Supercab. It was a good deal that we couldn't turn down. The rest of the truck was trash, but the axles were a really nice find. But this project really took off when we found him a '78 Bronco with a decent body. The Bronco was in need of some 1-tons, but te previous owner built a healthy 460 for the Bronco and it ran great. A combination of parts from each vehicle, as well as some aftermarket parts and custom built parts, and we should have a well built rig!

Started by taking apart the Bronco, mainly the front and rear axles.

The rear axle was built first. Yukon chromoly axle shafts, full spool, 5.38 gears, and disc brakes.

The front Dana 60 was built next. Similarly as the rear, Yukon chromoly axle shafts were used, along with Yukon u-joints. A Richmond Lockright, along with matching 5.38 gears were installed into the differential.

The Bronco came with a 9" lift, which works for the rear suspension. The new rear axle essentially bolts into place of the old rear axle. But the front axle requires some serious fabrication work. A radius arm suspension was already designed, built, and proven on Serge's '79 Ford. So the front suspension for this Bronco was built similarly, utilizing the 9" coil springs that came with.

It's all about the little details.

With a fully built and working drivetrain, it's time to dive into body work, paint, and interior.

The topper, front fenders, hood, and doors were all properly fixed/restored and painted bright yellow.

In addition, various other parts were painted to match the scheme. Bushwacker fender cut-outs were purchased for this project, which will make more room for larger tires.

As far as paint goes, only the cab and rear section remains.

The interior was fitted with 4 bucket seats.

The finishing touches, such as the bumpers and fender cut-out flares, are bolted on.

The 44" TSL Boggers have arrived!

All done, and very satisfied with the build!



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