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Joel purchased a '99 F-250 Superduty 7.3L Powerstroke and immediately dove into some repairs, with a brand new paint job.

The project started with a teardown of the truck.

The cab corners were in really rough shape, as shown in the pictures below. New cab corners were welded into place.

Many parts, such as rotors, calipers, and balljoits, were checked over and replaced if needed.

The painting process began with rockguard on the bottom half of the body, and also on the bumpers.

It was finally time to actually get into painting. The truck was painted in sections, as seen below.

Bedliner was coated inside the entire box of the truck. And some of the emblems were also coated for a unique look.

As usual, a little bit of advertising was added to the truck.

Nearly done the process, with only a few parts missing.

The paint job is finally all done and the truck is ready for duty.


A "sled deck" was custom built for this truck. The purpose of this deck is for hauling toys (atv's, sleds, and so on) and still having room for gear and whatnot underneath.

Here you can see the truck loaded up with two ATV's.


Truck full of goodies, including 37" Toyo tires and a 5.5" Fabtech lift.

Removed the front axle for the lift installation.

Below is a comparison of the Fabtech springs and stock springs.

All the Fabtech parts were installed and the front axle was put back under the truck.

Lift is installed.

The headlights were switched out for '05 Harley Edition F-250 headlights. The panel behind the headlights was modified to fit the newer style headlights.

The 37" Toyo's were then mounted to the 18" XD Rockstar wheels.

Lastly, a total of 4 driving lights were mounted to the front bumper.

All done!



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