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We picked up an abused 2004 Arctic Cat SnoPro 440, and decided to flip it. As you can see from the pictures, the sled needs some love. While we were at it, we figured it was a good time to freshen up Joel's other 2005 SnoPro too.

The first step is very simple; strip down the sleds to their bare bones.

A lot of degreaser and a pressure washer got them fairly clean.

As we suspected, the '04 chassis was full of cracks. Some of the cracks were previously repaired. The '04 chassis was notorious for cracking, and then Arctic Cat stiffened them for '05 and '06. We put our father's new TIG welder to the test and spent two days straight fixing all the cracks. In the first picture, all the red dots are spots that require repairs. The other two pictures are examples of the cracks. Although the '05 SnoPro was in much better shape, it still required a bit of welding in a few spots. These race sleds had a tough life!

Once all the welding was done, and some bracing was added in some spots, it was time to reassemble both sleds.

The hood on the '04 SnoPro was in very rough shape. Since funding was limited, we were able to repair it with some aluminum plate, rivets, and paint. It surprisingly turned out awesome!

The '05 SnoPro was left looking pretty similar to before, but the '04 SnoPro is getting a full facelift. Following suit with the red and black theme on the hood, the green section in the seat was replaced with a red one.

Time to reassemble both sleds.

Of course, the '04 got a treatment of some Goulet Films decals.

All done! Another succesful project... Both sleds are ready for some snow!



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