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This '01 Superduty came with an automatic transmission, which works great in stock form. On the other hand, bigger tires, tuning, and hard abuse results in a toasted transmission.

Instead of replacing the transmission with another, we decided to switch the truck over to a manual ZF6 transmission. The first step was to find all the necessary parts, including a rebuilt ZF6.

The transfer case and transmission were then removed from the truck. The rebuilt ZF6 was put next to the worn out 4R100 automatic for comparison.

The output shaft on the automatic is different from the one on the manual. Therefore, the input shaft on the transfer case must be swapped out for a new one with the correct spline.

Onto some of the interior modifications needed, which started by stripping out the interior.

The clutch pedal was installed, and the brake pedal was modified to be smaller (for clutch pedal clearance).

Comparison of some of the automatic and manual parts (new black parts for the ZF6).

Next step; cut a huge hole in the floor!

Installing the new Valair flywheel and clutch.

The rebuilt ZF6 gets bolted into place.

A "bump" is fabricated into the trucks floor, and it was sealed up.

Some wiring was done to trick some the trucks electronics, and a reburn of the TW chip was also necessary.

All done and ready to slam gears!


We decided to get 37's under the truck, so we start with an extra 2" of lift ontop of the already lifted Superduty.

We went with TWF custom recentered 2-piece hummer wheels wrapped in 37" BFGoodrich Baja M/T military tires.

All done and very happy with the truck!



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