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The involvement of each project on this page is different. Some projects will go through an entire design process and will be built from scratch, and others may only involve simple bolt-on parts. Each project is unique, and we take pride in our various projects. Some details may be left out, but we do our best to document as much as possible. We hope you enjoy getting a deeper look at some of our complete and ongoing projects.


We are users of multiple forums, and we'd like to mention a few on here. We've learnt a great deal from these forums, and we feel some credit must be given to them, as well as their knowledgeable users. You may also find a Goulet Films build thread or two amongst these forums.

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The Ranger Station


In Progress


Single Seater Buggy
Using a FWD car powertrain to build a small mid-engine single seater tube buggy. More details to come as the build moves forward.



2002 Ford F-150
Stripping the truck down and turning it into an all-around capable truck on 40" tires with 1-ton solid axles. The front suspension includes a 3-link with panhard bar and rear is a triangulated 4-link, with all around 18" travel King coilovers.


650SX Build
Building up a 1988 Kawasaki 650SX stand-up jetski for some fun on the water! Build features a fresh engine, trim system, footholds, new turf, and a unique paint job.


Powerstroke ZF6 Swap
Serge's 2001 Superduty came with an automatic transmission behind it, and after burning it up, he decided to swap it out for a manual ZF6. After the swap, the truck also got a few other goodies.


Muck-Nut Build
This '78 Ford Bronco was built by our father to be bigger than anything we've built so far. Mission accomplished, thanks to a custom suspension, 44" Boggers, built 1-ton diffs, and a 460 big block.


Superduty Paint Job
Joel's 1999 Superduty needed some special attention right after picking it up, starting with a complete new paint job, and then following up with a some lift and 37's.


SnoPro Reborn
A beat up '04 Snopro was acquired and needed more than just a few parts, so a full build came of it, and decided to freshen up the other SnoPro at the same time.


Mud-Nut Dana 60 Swap
We swapped a kingpin front Dana 60 under Mud-Nut, and built a custom flexy front suspension at the same. We also spun the inner C's to improve the pinion and drive shaft angles. We also upgraded to a 460 big block to compliment the new stronger axle.


Ranger 4-Link
After aquiring the Ranger, throwing full-size axles under it, and then wheeling it.... We knew this truck needed a better suspension system. So, for our first large scale fabrication project, we decided to design and build a 4-link rear suspension with coil springs and a trussed Ford 9" rear axle.


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