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Welcome to our videography page; where our video productions are linked to our Youtube page. We spend countless hours filming our hobbies and compiling videos from the footage. In fact, making videos is what started this website in the first place. So we hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoy putting them together.


Capsized 2013

GouletFilms decided to venture into new territory... The stand-up jetski world! This is our first compilation video from an awesome season of riding! The footage was mostly taken in Minnesota, and was 100% shot using a number of GoPro products. Special thanks goes out to Ezra Grothe from Top View Productions for the incredible FPV helicopter footage.

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Designing and building a formula-style race car to compete in the worlds largest engineering competition is a challenging task. As a member of TW Racing and having a major role towards the teams 4th car, we caught the entire process with our GoPro and compiled a video filled with time lapses and onboard shots.

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Muddin' 2009

We've been told this is the best Muddin' video yet!! Just over 22 minutes of off-road entertainment. And once again, just like last year, the video is compiled of both the Geraldton guys and the Thunder Bay guys. Great 4x4ing season!

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Muddin' 2008

Another action packed season of playing in the mud. This year, for the first time, we've included a crew of Thunder Bay guys in the video. This makes for a longer video and a much bigger variety of rigs!

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Muddin' 2007

Awesome year of wheeling with an awesome group of guys.... It will always be remembered as the year we needed a skidder to pull us out, and the skidder ended up stuck as well. Keep the mud flying!

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Muddin' 2006

Our very first year mudding together, which helped grow Goulet Films. We had an awesome season getting to know each other, our rigs, and the different spots. We most definitely look forward to next year.

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Billy Martin's far from stock '99 Mustang GT... Great car and absolutely amazing guy. It was a pleasure putting together this tire smoking video together!

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This video got Goulet Films started and was created based on the song 'Hicktown' by Jason Aldean. It's also based on our lifestyle in Greenstone. The video started out as us kids messing around with a video camera, and has evolved into a little more than that now (it's been updated a total of 4 times to date).

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